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What is database of experts

In this section, we would like to establish a database of Czech experts in the area of science and research to be used by general expert public.

The database of experts combines data from various sources available at the internet with personal web sites of experts. The database is connected with R&D IS database through web links (see www.vyzkum.cz) - links to projects, research grants and results.

Researchers and scientists can establish their own personal editable profiles and present there their professional interests, experiences and achievements, register for individual grants, research grants and results contained in R&D IS, in which they participated.

Records in the database are divided in two parts: "Individuals", where profiles of individual scientists are included, and "Groups" where teams are characterized by a certain surname, first letter of a name and the main field of activity. Groups of persons frequently include incomplete identification of individual researchers (surnames and first letters of the name plus the main field of activity).

The main benefit of the database is the possibility to search among both individuals and groups at the same time and the on-line links to the R&D IS system.